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With over 20 years in the holiday industry, the newest venture from Mark Scott, one of the country's leading experts on glamping, is the Glamping Consultancy.

The new company has a wealth of experience of running its own sites as well as providing real life advice to our clients. We take your dream and turn it into t reality walking with you through design, planning and construction while making sure the marketing of your newest venture maximises your opportunity to enjoy your business as well as provide some well-earned additional income to your family.

We have always prided ourselves on the quality and depth of their advice and help when getting a new glamping project up and running.

Many of our clients start with a dream and need help getting through the various steps to the opening day when the first clients turn up.

This advice is always available from our highly knowledgeable sales and consultancy team, but now we have launched a whole new service package that takes you from initial dream through to full on glamping owner and operator.

For a single fixed fee we will hand hold you through the entire process. And by working with you we can make sure the costs of opening are as low as possible with discounts available on your tents, furniture and bases as well as your soft furnishings.

Practical Stuff

Each business is unique which makes it such an exciting opportunity for anyone with vision and ambition. We don't start any project with a standard approach; we start our engagement with a coffee, so we can chat over your ideas and plans. This allows us to make sure we can help, and allows you to meet the team you will work with should you go ahead. The coffee meeting is free, and can be at your own site or at one of our locations.

So if you are a farmer who wants to diversify, a landowner who want to make use of that patch in the corner of a field or an already established holiday park that wants more bookings, we are able to bring our years of experience to bear.

At each stage of our engagement, we deliver a finished plan so you can start your own business and just use us as a sounding board as you go along, or engage us to help with whatever comes next.

We are good at this, and have only the best interests of the project at our core. We are discreet and never share ideas or knowledge that has been gained from other clients so you can be sure your ideas won't be compromised.


The glamping consultancy are very keen to ensure there are no hidden charges & that you can be sure your upfront costs are fixed. To help you we charge a flat hourly fee for ad-hoc consultancy at £35 per hour. We charge a fixed fee of £1,350 for planning applications. This includes all costs associated with your planning application up to & including determination. The only additional charges are for the planning fees which vary from place to place but before embarking on the journey to your dream, we will give you the costs broken down by stage. All charges exc VAT where chargeable.

Dream It ...

The first stage for most people is the dream, of changing your lives to make it more fulfilling, more time with the family, more income from your own efforts. Our team fully understands these aspirations & dreams & we work with you to formulate a workable plan. At the end of the dream it stage you will have:

  • A defined product & a fully costed business & marketing plan
  • An initial pre application planning opinion
  • A site plan with internal layouts
  • Brand design

Visualize it ...

The next & most time intensive, frustrating & rewarding stage for most people is the planning application, we help you get through this process with the minimum of fuss.

Once planning has been agreed, we will create, with you, your website & booking engine & create a project plan for site works.

At the end of the realise it stage you will have:

  • Detailed cash flow forecast
  • Website with online booking
  • On site works plan
  • Planning decision

Contact Mark Scott

T: 0333 241 2660